Hodari homes

Hodari homes

Hodari Gardens Matuu


a) Availability of Public utilities.
The county and national governments have developed key public utilities required for sparking the growth of the town and these have attracted investors in the area.

i) Water
Matuu town has a sufficient water supply that has covered major parts of the town and its environs.
As an interested plot buyer, you need to be aware of this and if the waterline has not reached your plot then you need to be aware of the associated costs of drilling a borehole or using a truck to supply you with water.
Being aware of this is important in cushioning you against the inflated cost of developing property later in your plot.

ii) Electricity connections: The last-mile connection campaign that was launched by the national government to increase electricity connectivity both in rural and urban centers has reached the area.
Since electricity is a special factor for any development project, you need to ensure that the plot you are investing in is near an electricity connection.
iii) Accessibility of Roads:
It is said having a piece of land without a road is like living on the moon since you cannot legally access the plot.
Matuu has well-developed tarmac roads and prime plots touching the tarmac.
As an investor, this is the key thing you need to check before penning down the deal.
b) Availability of Social Amenities within the area
These are joint structures developed to serve people residing within the municipality.
i) Educational facilities
Learning facilities such as schools are within the area and residents are able to access education without traveling far.
ii) Recreational Facilities There are a number of recreational facilities such as entertainment joints, children playgrounds that have been developed in Matuu town and its environs to serve its residents.
If you are a person who loves fun. This is a perfect investment destination for you.
iii) Religious Facilities
If this is what you have to check before considering buying a place of land to build a home then worry not as there are a number of churches and mosques in the area.
c) Good Land Topography
This is an important factor that investors should consider when buying a plot. It is important that you visit the land or send a representative to view the land before you invest.
Matuu town has a good terrain. The land is flat and has good drainage making it suitable for both agricultural and commercial development.
d) Freehold land
Land in Matuu town and its environs is under freehold ownership. This means that as a landowner you are at liberty to utilize the land without restrictions.
e) Plots for sale in Matuu town has no land Restrictions
Plots for sale in the Matuu town have no restrictions for their usage. This means that when you buy the piece of land, you can use it to develop any project that you had planned for.
f) Size and shape of the Land
Most plots for sale in Matuu town are in the right and recommended sizes for development.
The least plot sizes you can get in the area are from 50ft ×100ft (1/8th acre plot) and above. If you are intending to buy for residential purposes, the 1/8th acre plot will be good to start with.
g) Plots for sale in Matuu are Free from Land contamination
Doing a background check of the previous use of the land to ascertain if there is any possibility of contamination in the land is very important.
The land should be free from land contamination like petroleum products, local waste disposals, excessive farm chemicals among others. Properties for sale in Matuu and its outskirts are free from contamination.
h) Availability of property selling companies
There are few established and leading property selling companies in Kenya that have penetrated Matuu.
Oftentimes, you will see the leading property developer penetrating into certain towns only when they have analyzed and ascertain that there will be potential growth in land value in near future.

Here are few roles of property developers in an area;
✅They identify strategic and prime land that suits the needs of investors. Responsible for fencing , gating the property , grading access roads, drilling boreholes and connecting electricity to the property so that the land is suitable for immediate development.
✅They do all the ground work which includes due diligence, sub dividing the land, documentation and they ensure that title deeds are ready. They ensure that the plots are near all the basic amenities and public facilities in an area. With the steady growth of Matuu town, prime properties that are ready for immediate development are already available with Hodari homes.

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